Elaine Moyers

Founder &  Breeder


Typecast German Shepherd owner and founder has been an avid fan and lover of the German Shepherd Dog since she was a young child. “In our family, we had other breeds of dogs, from  toy Poodles, Collies, Redbone hounds, shepherd mixes, Cocker spaniels, mutts , and all I ever wanted was a pure, registered German Shepherd,” Elaine shares. “I also wanted a Doberman and acquired both when I was 15.”

Elaine is a career professional in the pet industry.  She became a dog bather at age 13 at a local pet shop where she fed and cleaned all the animals from rodents, reptiles, snakes and birds to the puppies and kittens. Later as a teenager, she worked at several dog kennels for different breeders and as general kennel help. She also babysat and cared for pets from small to large, including hamsters and turtles to horses. At 18 and just out of high school, she became a professional dog groomer. She immensely enjoys this caring occupation.

At 19, she competed with her Doberman in obedience at her first AKC show.  She explains, “I competed for about 2-4 years, all the while still owning two German Shepherds.”  In 1989, she purchased her first AKC registered German Shepherd from War Cry German Shepherds and felt like she had finally received her first love, a real German Shepherd dog. “This breed has always been the breed for me. They’re so loving, versatile, loyal and intelligent,” she explains.

Since that time and in between family, kids and work she has raised, shown and competed with this wonderful breed, the GSD. From 1989 to the present, she has continued to be in love with this amazing breed of dog, and continues to show, raise and compete with The German Shepherd Dog. Please see the list of awards and titles below she’s won.


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Awards and Titles

  • AKC Obedience Trials
  • Iron Dog Events
  • ASCA United Schutzhund Club of America
  • ICABA International
  • UKC Kennel Club
  • 6CD Companion Dog
  • 4CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  • 6 AD
  • 5BH Basic Obedience
  • 2 FPR’s1 Tracking
  • 1 FPR’s 2
  • 1 FPR 3
  • 1 OB 1 Obedience
  • 1 OB 2 Obedience
  • I ACABA International Registry
  • 3 International CH
  • 1 National CH
  • 6 CGC Canine Good Citizen
  • 2 CGCA Canine Good Citizen Advanced
  • 2 TKN Trick Dog
  • 4 TC Temperament Certification
  • 2 Hic Herding Instinct Certification
  • 2 T.T, Temperament Text

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